Name: David Bowie of Chamberlain             Rasse Maine Coon

Geboren am 20.10.04                                     Farbe red-silver-tabby-classic

Geschlecht: Male


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Eu.Ch./DGC Koontucky Mr. Perfect


red- silver tabby cl./white


Ch. Nascat Sterling Marlin of Koontucky


black- silver tabby cl./white

GRC Nascat´s R/R Phantom of Coonoquan

black tabby cl./white

GRC                                                black smoke

Avicats Versage of Coonquan

GRC                                          torbie mc./white

Nascat´s Waving the Checkers

Ch.Nascat´s the white Flag Lap


black- silver tabby cl./white

GRC                                 black tabby mc./white

Stormwatch Dirtrack Demon of Nascat

                               black- silver tabby cl./white

Stormwatch Islip Memory of Nascat


Ch. Rumford Starina of Koontucky


silver- torbie

GRC Rumford´s Boxcar Willy DM


red tabby cl.

GRC                                           black tabby mc.

Beauport Jackson Browne of Rumford

Ch.                                                       torbie cl.

Oldechelsea Murphy Brown

Ch. Oroojos Starstruck of Rumford DM


black- silver tabby cl.white

GRC                                   black-silver tabby cl.

Islandcats Apache Tatoo of Oroojos

                                          black tabby cl./white

Pandomainea Ruby Ruby of Oroojos





Gr. Int. Ch.

Cheyenne Naomi of Chamberlain


torbie- classic


Gr. Int Ch. Yankee Pearl´s O´Malley


red- tabby cl.

Yankee Pearl´s Ottawa


black tabby(unb.)/ white

                         black- silver tabby(unb.)./white

Yankee Pearl´s Mister Macho

                                              black tabby (unb.)

Capecoon Cippawa

Patchwork´s Maxie Malone


blue torbie

CH.                                                           creme

MtKittery´s Keegan

                                                blue tabby/white

McInkats Oneida


Int. Ch. Milinocket´s Peggy Sue


blue tabby cl./white

Ch. Willowplace Rocky Mountain High


black tabby cl.

Gr.Int.Ch.                                   black tabby mc

Hillside Mr. Spock

Int Ch.                                           blue tabby cl.

Willowplace Deja Blue

Willowplace Titiana


silver tabby cl./white

GRC                                black tabby mc./white

Masaitana Haut Brion

Ch.                                   silver cl. tabby white

Willowplace Dreamsickle